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We began business in 1984, right here in Waterloo, and have been successfully  providing quality tooling and other related services to industry ever since.  We are a privately owned company and this is our only location.  All management decisions are made right here, thereby avoiding many potential costly time delays. Our office and engineering staff  are well equipped with all the essential systems to effectively do the job. Our CAD design currently includes SolidWorks, Logopress, AutoCad Mechanical and Cadkey software.  Our 18,000 sq. ft. shop is well equipped and efficient, with room for large projects. We do almost everything in-house, going outside only on occasion to supplement our own extensive capabilities. We design and build metal stamping dies, production fixtures, special machines, a wide range of tooling components, and can do a variety of CNC production machining operations. In addition, we have rather extensive Wire EDM capabilities, along with conventional EDM and EDM hole tapping. We enjoy an excellent reputation with our customers and are constantly striving to improve that position with higher quality products, services and timely deliveries.



                                   105 E 9th Street
                                 Waterloo, IA 50703
                                 FAX: 319-235-7312